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Chiropractic is the science, art and philosophy that concerns itself with the restoration of good health by restoring and maintaining a properly functioning nervous system, without the use of drugs or surgery.

We are a chiropractic and massage clinic located in Northeast Calgary that is dedicated to your overall health and well-being. We are family-oriented, offering a comfortable atmosphere, with a quiet children’s play area. We also perform children’s adjustments.

Temple Crossing Chiropractic is open evenings and Saturdays, and emergency service is available. We have a same day appointment policy as well as full disability access. Call today for a complimentary consultation with your chiropractors in NE Calgary!

Our mission is to serve each person we meet with the highest quality and integrity so that they realize their maximum health potential. We do this by removing the subluxations which cause nerve interference. Additionally, we go to extraordinary measures to educate our patients about true health so that they, in turn, can educate others.

We encourage our patients to join us by helping others in our community to recognize the importance of chiropractic in reaching their greatest potential for health. If you’re searching for a chiropractor in Calgary, choose Temple Crossing Chiropractic.