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At Temple Crossing Chiropractic, we value the great relationship we maintain with our patients! Not only do we always aim to achieve excellent results with our chiropractic, massage and acupuncture therapies, our friendly team wants to make sure that every visit to our Calgary office is a great experience. Read testimonials from our patients on this page, and contact us to experience this great service for yourself!

More Effective than Painkillers

I initially came in to see Dr. Russell for lower back pain that had begun to travel down my leg. It was starting to affect my work during the day as well as my sleep. I was taking painkillers as well as muscle relaxants, but it wasn’t helping my pain. I experienced relief in the first week of care and was pain-free within two weeks. I was given exercises to help strengthen my back, and I am back to all my regular activities. I have recommended chiropractic to my family and friends.


Ear Infections Cleared

I brought my son in to Dr. Russell on the recommendation of a friend. He was having earaches and infections every month, where they began to almost run together. The specialists wanted to put tubes in his ears and take out his tonsils. We began chiropractic care not knowing what to expect, but hoping it would help. The second month after starting chiropractic and making some nutritional changes with Dr. Russell, there were no ear infections that month. One year later, we have only had one ear infection that cleared up without antibiotics, and the specialists no longer want to put tubes in his ears. Chiropractic has been a lifesaver.


Relief from Headaches

I began care at Temple Chiropractic with the hope of getting relief from my headaches. I was getting my regular headaches every day and migraines at least once per week. I had tried all the different medications with mild relief. This was my last hope. Two weeks into care, I went to take my medication in the morning and realized that I did not have a headache for the first time I could remember. I now get a mild headache at most once every two months. I have now worked with Dr. Russell to start a wellness program, including exercise and improved eating. I come in for treatment once per month now.


Full-Body Healing

I started chiropractic care in October of 2004. I always thought chiropractors just treated sore backs. It never occurred to me that your spine has all your nerves going through it, and that it affects all different parts of your body. I have had asthma since I was 10 years old and was on 2 prescriptions for it. Three months into my care, I realized that I had no symptoms of asthma. I gradually stopped all my medication and could breathe fine. I didn’t even come in for my asthma! Dr. Gdanski keeps me well all over!


Staying Healthy with a Wellness Plan

I was referred to Dr. Gdanski by a co-worker who is a nurse. I had suffered from low back pain, headaches and nausea that interfered with my sleep, work reading, golf and exercise. It took quite a while to see results because I had left it untreated for so long. Now my husband and children are chiropractic patients as well. We keep going to stay healthy on a regular wellness plan.


Improved Walking and Balance

I consulted this office because my daughter has a mild case of cerebral palsy. Her right leg did not bend; she could only swing it out. Her balance was terrible and she would fall all the time. She was under care at the children’s hospital, but we saw little difference there. Dr. Gdanski always made Amber’s visits fun. Now Amber walks 100% better and hardly falls. She has been on wellness care every two weeks and will continue that.


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