Natural Chiropractic Adjustment in Calgary NE

Chiropractic is just 1 of many services we offer to treat your complete wellbeing. Our professional providers offer acupuncture treatments, massage therapy and even custom orthotics. Beyond that, we provide a range of additional services including nutritional instruction, body/gait analysis, exercises and more.

When you come to our clinic for a chiropractic assessment, our focus is on finding and correcting the cause of your condition and illness, rather than just treating the symptoms. We will examine your spine and nervous system using state of the art technology. This allows us to detect and pinpoint abnormal function, enabling us to tailor a program to meet your specific health needs. Your progress is monitored through periodic re-evaluations to deliver the most appropriate chiropractic care.

As part of your care plan we will advise you on all health aspects, such as nutrition and exercise. Click here to read our chiropractors’ biographies. To book an appointment with one of our chiropractors, call our office today.


Chiropractic assessment helps in identifying the source or cause of the pain. While many pain relief medications only attacks symptoms, chiropractic treatment focuses on the source of the pain as well as reversing it.

Chiropractic treatment involves customized therapies and it is one of the most effective ways to relieve pain. With different techniques and personalized treatment, we can address your specific needs. Correct problems related to your back and spine with professional chiropractic treatment. Rely on Temple Crossing Chiropractic for chiropractic adjustment in Calgary, NE.