At Temple Crossing Chiropractic, we provide custom orthotics at our NE Calgary clinic. We offer a wide

variety of orthotics, golf shoes, skates or ski boots. At Temple Crossing Chiropractic, we understand that your orthotics not only improve your immediate comfort, it can also affect your gait. Inadequate foot support can cause a huge range of physical problems down the line, including musculoskeletal issues (such as pain in your back, knees, hips, plantar fasciitis and more).


Orthotics is a branch of medicine that deals with the designing of shoe devices that are used to aid people suffering from a wide range of foot problems. Different foot problems may require different orthotic devices, which are prescribed by doctors specialized in this field. Orthotics can also help with foot pain caused by medical conditions such as diabetes, plantar fasciitis, bursitis and arthritis. Orthotics might even help you avoid surgery to fix flat feet.

Situations that may create foot problems are:

  • Weak limbs
  • Over weight
  • Pronation problems
  • Fracture injury
  • Arthritis
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Sciatic nerve
  • Paralysis


With orthotics and proper foot mechanics in our NE Calgary clinic, you can help prevent problems before they even start. It is important to remember that your feet are the base of your spine, and if you’re experiencing pain in your feet or back, give us a call today to book your appointment with our chiropractors to get an assessment on the right orthotics suited just for you in NE Calgary. Orthotics are also covered by most insurance policies, and will provide you with the necessary receipts for your insurance.

Schedule an appointment with the healthcare team at Temple Crossing Chiropractic to learn more.